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​Ann run fun jewellery making parties for children and adults in London.
​We bring everything to you so you can relax while your party guests learn and create!

After School Clubs

These projects involve teaching children to make jewellery at after school clubs, allowing children to create and feel free to develop their ideas without judgement!
All children will be taught in an inclusive environment and gain new skills in jewellery making, using different tools for jewellery making, such a, the use of different pliers.

Projects are given every two to three weeks depending on how long it takes to make a given project 

All materials and tools are covered by me and every child takes home their project to keep once it is finished.

Children get the opportunity to explore different ideas and use different materials with each project. 

Projects include: 

- Ring making with wire and beads 
- Bracelets with wire
- Charm bracelets with memory wire
- Different styles of necklaces e.g. cluster pendants using crimps, jump rings, head pins and tiger tail 
- Earrings using wire, beads and head pins 
- Keys rings 
- Hair bands
- Painting and designing their own beads from wooden beads

- Polymer clay making beads and turning them into pieces of jewellery


Children love to create and need to develop and explore their ideas while learning new skills 
Jewellery making is extremely fun and allows children to create and learn!

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